A personal bot that remembers all your hard work

BigProfile will be your virtual memory assistant  🙂

What Did I Work On This Week?

Throughout the year, you're often asked to reflect on the projects, achievements, and effort you put in at the office. Whether it's a requirement from HR, your boss or your own personal desire to understand how you're spending your time, "looking back" gives you a moment to reflect on all the hard work you've put in.
Meeting with your manager or during review season​
Timesheets and reporting back to clients.
Looking back at the skills you've developed and want to learn.
Updating your resume or preparing for a new job.

No more looking back at old emails, post-it notes, and to-do lists

minutes saved p/ week
minutes saved p/month
minutes saved p/year

BigProfile is the private work profile that builds itself.


That means you don’t have to remember to keep track of all the interesting projects you’re working on and experience you’re developing.

Your dedicated bot will proactively ping you on email. Simply reply and the bot will automatically update your personal profile.

BigProfile gives you on-demand access to download reports to:

BigProfile gives you on-demand access to download reports to:

  • share with your team or clients

  • review with boss

  • help get your next job

Keep track of your verified skills and connections

Skills are connected to your projects, meaning they are verified, not just what some sales guy on LinkedIn endorsed you for.

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